When a thorough cleaning no longer restores the shine, it may be time to think about refinishing your hardwood floor. 



Signs that you may need to refinish include: deep scratches that cut through to the floor’s protective coating, stubborn stains, warping or areas where the protective coating is worn away, exposing wood fibers.

Years Of Life

A tongue-and-groove solid hardwood floor that is 3/4" thick can undergo refinishing about 10 times during its useful life. Engineered hardwood flooring, with its multi-ply construction, can also be refinished, but not as many times. The frequency of refinishing hardwood floors depends on the daily wear and tear on the floor, as well as the hardness rating of the species.



Screen & Coat


For floors with minor scratches and imperfections, a screen and coat can be great alternative to a complete sand and refinish. With a light buffing and a fresh new coat of commercial grade polyurethane your floors can easily be brought back to life!